Methods of Payment
1. To place an order it is necessary that User:
a) Make your registration offering  the requested information, including address, telephone contact, e-mail;
b) Complete the information and choose the options that are available throughout the process "check out" (delivery address and billing, shipping method, payment method).
2. User may send your order through the buying process designated on the website above for "confirm" after having used the device online by selecting "Add to Cart" from the online catalog available .
3. Dispatch of the order for the Customer implies acceptance of full and complete description and prices of the products available for sale, as well as the general conditions of sale .
4. The Atrium de Portugal honor the orders received online only within the limits of available stocks in the absence of product availability undertakes to inform the customer as quickly as possible.
5. The Atrium de Portugal is not responsible for any computer problem on the website.
1. The Atrium of Portugal proposes the customer the following methods of payment:
a) Bank transfer (in this case, the client must send a copy of the bank transfer to e-mail: with the order number).
c) Cheque to the order of Atrium of Portugal, with order number  indication at the back of the check.
2. The payment by the User it should be composed of the value of products ordered, plus shipping costs, if applicable.
3. The products ordered will be shipped only upon receipt of payment.
4. The Atrium of Portugal will use every effort to ensure maximum confidentiality and security of data sent over the internet

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